GT Karriere

The tax consulting business has, at all times, had a bad reputation, being conceived to be “dry” and “dusty”. Yet the image is deceptive.

In the last 20 years, our business has become much more dynamic – last but not least because the business world has increasingly been becoming internationalized, the laws have become more and more complex and the possibilities and opportunities offered by IT development seem to be simply infinite. To cut a long story short – tax consulting has become more exciting, multifarious and, above all, technical at all levels.

This also is reflected in daily work. No case is like another. The many facets of our clients’ entrepreneurial activities and the resulting states of affairs – which sometimes are quite complex – require esprit and wit, knowledge and creativeness at processing! The times when columns of figures were written down or typed have gone by!

The focus of daily work will always be on supporting our clients in fiscal, economic and personal terms as well as possible – while fully utilizing all the legal and technical opportunities and rooms for manoeuvre!

Every day is a new challenge, which we accept and tackle together within the team!

In the team of Grazer Treuhand (Trust Company) – with prosperous perspectives for the future!