GT Cooperations

Grazer Treuhand cooperations
If it is a matter of doing daily work as well and rapidly as possible, it will be important to have the right partners.

We permit ourselves to introduce our partners for daily collaboration to you:

G1 Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft GmbH
(Auditing Ltd.)

Experts generally sworn and certified before the court

Tax consultants

Co-operation partners

Business consultants


  • In order to guarantee best possible technical and regional support, we work together with several notaries’ offices in Styria.


  • Depending on the requirements and special fields, we cooperate with numerous lawyers in Austria and in the European Union.

Additional companies

  • Datev – our software provider for the fields of office management and accounting
  • RZL – our software provider for the fields of payroll accounting and accounting
  • Synetcon – our partner for reliable 24-hour IT administration
  • Enteos – our cooperation partner in terms of “digitizing” and “digital accounting”
  • Karl Baumgartner – our partner in terms of graphics, design and public relations
  • AKV – our cooperation partner for legal advice and claim management
  • Mail Boxes Etc. – our partner for reliable mailing
  • Gebos – our partner for electronic time recording
  • Karl Schrotter Photography – highlights our best features