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Growing markets, international business, outsourcing of production sites, participations in foreign companies, … to name but few keywords. It also is from our profession that globalization does not only require knowledge of domestic legislation but also a high degree of cross-national technical knowledge and accurate knowledge of the country specific and regional environments.

With the aim to continue to meet our clients’ requirements, which are growing steadily, it was a logical consequence to strive for being integrated into an international network while preserving our independence.

IR Global is interlinked excellently, and all members of IR Global have high quality standards. Thanks to this, we can offer you top-quality comprehensive and multi-disciplinary consulting services beyond national borders.

“IR Global Experts are working in a team – worldwide!“

Grazer Treuhand as Member of IR Global

Dr. Stefan Drawetz talks in an interview with IR Global about Grazer Treuhand and the business location Austria.


IR Global – The World’s Largest Practice Area Exclusive Network

IR Global is a multi-disciplinary network with over 800 members around the world that provides legal, accountancy and financial advice to companies and individuals across 155+ jurisdictions. It is the fastest growing professional service firm network in the world.

IR Global has a highly selective membership criteria, in which all applicants are subjected to a stringent vetting procedure, which reviews individual, department and firm reputation. This process pays particular attention to the firm’s market positioning and firm philosophy.

Each firm is recognised for their knowledge on their local business, political and economic environments.

The group’s founding philosophy was based on bringing the best of the advisory community into a sharing economy; a system which is ethical, sustainable and provides significant added value to the client.

“IR Global is committed to working with like-minded member firms, clients and strategic partners to make a positive difference in business and society.”


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