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Do you need constant insight into your accounting, evaluations on your smartphone and tablet, a functioning payment reminder system or weekly payment transactions? Digital accounting as the basis for your decisions: Data imports via a wide variety of interfaces and portals have long since become standard not only for "the big players", but also make everyday business life easier for small and medium-sized enterprises and freelancers. No matter whether you do double-entry bookkeeping or income and expenditure accounting. We accompany and guide you on your step into the digital future.

The annual financial statement is not only the basis for profit distributions, the fulfilment of disclosure obligations and annual tax returns - it is also the basis for operational decisions, reorganisations and strategic planning. And that is why our annual accounts discussion is less a look into the past and more a joint look into the future.

As an employer, you can also rely on us. Far beyond the monthly payroll accounting, we are your first point of contact for labour and social law issues, support you with service and flexitime contracts and, of course, accompany you during payroll audits. Would you like to reward your employees with bonuses or an (e)bike? With us you are sure to find the best solutions!

The tax jungle is our favourite playground, but we also steer through the endless expanses of entrepreneurship: Which legal form is the best solution? What is a company worth and how do I plan the necessary liquidity? How do you move in international markets? How can family businesses best master the challenge of "generational change"? And what does an association have to consider so that it does not become a tax trap for the board?  Just ask us!

Additional services:

We will be happy to assist you in dealing with the authorities and registering your business and to coordinate the necessary appointments with trusted notaries and lawyers. You have your head free - for all other important business decisions!

The careful and conscientious exercise of your profession is an indispensable component for the success of your business. But what if everything around you is mired in unstructured chaos? With our knowledge of countless industries, coupled with decades of experience, we can provide you with the best possible support in setting up your company organisation - including IT. You take care of your business field - we take care of the organisation of the environment!

The takeover/transfer of a business is a particularly sensitive issue. It is not only the figures that play an important role. Markets, market opportunities, range of products and services, product life cycles, age and structure of the staff, corporate culture and many other factors must also be scrutinised and analysed in order to ensure the best possible transfer of the business. You can rely on the experience of our specialists!

Choosing the right legal form is particularly important for tax and liability reasons. It makes a difference whether you operate as a sole proprietor or as a limited liability company. The effects can be enormous. We will be happy to work with you to develop the optimal concept for you - for your success as an entrepreneur!

The increasing international integration of the economy, the merging of markets - let's just think of , increasing online trade - all brings with it numerous, sometimes quite complicated tax issues. What has to be taxed in which country, under which conditions, at what percentage, etc., etc.? Or is it even tax-free? Our specialists offer comprehensive advice on all topics of international tax law such as:
  • Tax planning and optimisation with regard to cross-border activities.
  • Establishment and support of branches of our foreign clients
  • Supervision of VAT refund applications
  • VAT representation or identification for foreign clients

Unfortunately, business does not always run as hoped - a restructuring procedure or insolvency is often unavoidable. But even in this situation it is important to keep a cool head and make the right strategic decisions. Our experts will work with you to develop a plan of action to achieve the best possible result for you, even in these difficult times.

In disputes - not only in court - it is often necessary to have an expert opinion drawn up in order to obtain conclusions for the actual assessment of an event, a fact or a condition. Our court-certified experts are at your disposal at any time for economic and fiscal matters.

We represent your interests before the following authorities and institutions:

  • Tax authorities and customs authorities of the Republic of Austria, the provinces and municipalities
  • Authorities of the statutory social insurance and similar institutions
  • Legally recognised churches and religious communities in matters of contributions
  • Administrative court in tax matters
  • Furthermore, we take on trustee tasks and the administration of assets with the exception of buildings.

Our specialists advise you comprehensively on all matters of Austrian corporate and company law, such as:

  • Formation of companies and all related problems
  • Rights, duties, liabilities, etc. of partnerships and corporations or their shareholders
  • Extraordinary transactions (e.g. merger, demerger, conversion, contribution, real division)
The number of tax audits and GPLBs, i.e. joint audits of wage-related taxes, has risen sharply in recent years. The auditors are under enormous pressure to actually find inconsistencies in your bookkeeping or wage records. Such an audit can lead to enormous annoyance and a high back tax payment - but this does not have to be the case!
You are of the opinion that a decision issued is not correct?  - There are discrepancies, it is not correct in terms of reason or amount, etc.?

The 2016 tax reform is to be financed predominantly by a tightened fight against fraud by the tax authorities. This will lead to a massive increase in the number of tax audits and thus also in the number of criminal proceedings. In the future, tax evasion, negligent tax evasion or financial offences will be punished more rigorously. More and more entrepreneurs are being targeted by the tax authorities!

The relationship between employers and employees is subject to countless laws and norms. Therefore, special attention must be paid here. It becomes particularly tricky if the cooperation turns into a conflict or if labour and social security regulations are circumvented or not observed. Our experts in this field provide reliable advice and support you in delicate situations.

The determination of the value of entire companies or shares in companies can be of considerable interest in economic as well as tax transactions, such as the purchase/sale of companies (shares), liquidation, change of shareholders, determination of creditworthiness or a valuation on the occasion of a demerger or merger, etc., etc.,.

(shares), liquidation, change of shareholders, determination of creditworthiness or a valuation on the occasion of a demerger or merger, etc., etc., can be of considerable interest. Our team of experts will be happy to provide you with a reliable and objective basis for decision-making.

Unfortunately, we cannot list everything we can do for you here.

Just ask us - we will be happy to assist you as a reliable partner!

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