Additional services

For starting up a business, it will be necessary to have recourse to public authorities and arrange meetings extremely often. At all corners, risks and obstacles are lurking. We will be pleased to take charge of conducting any transactions with public authorities and handing in registrations for you and coordinate the required dates with notaries and lawyers. You will have your head free – for all the other important entrepreneurial decisions!

The careful and conscientious exercise of your profession is an inevitable element for enabling your business success. But what will happen if everything is sinking into unstructured chaos? We know numerous fields of business and have had experience for many decades. This is why we can perfectly support you in optimally establishing your business structure – including IT. You take care of your business field – we will take charge of organizing your business environment!


Taking over/handing over a company is a particularly delicate issue. It is not only numerical data that plays a significant role. Markets, market opportunities, the range of products and/or services, product life cycles, the age and structure of personnel, corporate culture and many other factors must absolutely be scrutinized and analyzed just as well in order to guarantee a company can be passed on as well as possible. In this respect, just rely on our specialists’ experience!


The choice of the right legal form is particularly important for fiscal reasons as well as for reasons of liability. It makes a difference whether you act as a one-person business or a Private Limited Company. The effects can be enormous. We will be pleased to elaborate the concept that is optimal for you in cooperation with you – for your success as a businessperson!

The determination of the value of overall companies or of parts of companies can be of utmost interest in case of economic and fiscal transactions, such as at the purchase/sale of companies (parts of companies), liquidation, change of partners and shareholders, the identification of credit worthiness or appraisal on the occasion of splitting-up or a merger. Our team of experts will be pleased to draw up reliable and objective decisional bases for you.


Unfortunately business does not always develop as it was hoped for – quite often a reconstruction procedure or insolvency will be inevitable. Yet even in such a situation, it will be necessary to keep a cool head and take the right strategic decisions. Our experts will elaborate an action plan in cooperation with you. This will enable you to achieve the result that is the best possible one for you in these hard times.


In case of disputes – not only those before the court – it will often be necessary to have an expert opinion drawn up in order to obtain conclusions making it possible to actually judge what is happening, a state of affairs or a condition. Our experts sworn before the court will be pleased to be at your disposal in connection with economic states of affairs and issues relating to fiscal law, at any time.

The way employers and employees work together is subject to numerous laws and standards and regulations. Therefore, special care needs to be taken, in this respect. Things will become particularly delicate and tricky if people start to work one against the other instead of working one with the other or rules relating to labour and social insurance are dodged or are not observed. Our experts in this field will consult you reliably and support you in critical situations.


Our specialists will comprehensively consult you in all issues of Austrian business and company law, e.g.

  • the foundation of companies and all the problems, in this respect;
  • rights, duties, liabilities, etc., of unincorporated and incorporated firms and/or their partners and shareholders;
  • extraordinary transactions (e.g. merger, splitting-up, transformation, bringing in or division of property)

Increasing international economic interweaving and interdependence and the fact that the markets are growing together – just think about on-line trade – will lead to many fiscal states of affairs that may sometimes be quite complicated. What needs to be taxed in which country, under which conditions, with which percentage, etc.? Or are things even tax free?

Our specialists will comprehensively consult you in all issues relating to international fiscal law, e.g.

  • planning and optimizing taxes in relation to cross-national activities;
  • establishing and attending to branch offices of our foreign clients;
  • supporting you in filing applications for refunds of value added tax;
  • representing foreign clients in the field of VAT and/or assuring their VAT identification

We will represent your interests before the following public authorities and institutions:

  • financial authorities and customs authorities of the Republic of Austria and the Austrian Provinces and Municipalities;
  • authorities of legal social insurance companies and similar institutions;
  • churches and religious communities recognized legally (in matters relating to contributions);
  • Higher Administrative Court (in matters of charges)

Furthermore, we will take over fiduciary tasks and the management of assets with the exception of that of buildings.