Annual accounts / tax returns

Similarly to bookkeeping, the annual accounts will often be regarded as being one of the annoying and cumbersome duties of businesspersons.

The banks, credit protection associations, investors and business partners have an increased interest in your annual accounts and require you to draw them up as rapidly as possible. To say nothing of the Tax Office and the Company Register Court!

A really annoying and cumbersome duty – which, in addition, costs money!

However, the annual accounts, which are based upon bookkeeping and can be seen as a computational conclusion of a commercial business year, offer numerous opportunities, notwithstanding the legal obligation to draw them up and your legal form. If the annual accounts are drawn up in a timely manner, they will furnish valuable information on the past period as well as on your company’s future alignment and direction and on your company’s control. A comprehensive business analysis, which is based upon the values determined and the indicators identified, will provide you with important decisional bases for successful management of your company.

With our support, you will get a comprehensive overview of the economic and financial position of your company – retrospectively and, thanks to the facts and figures from bookkeeping, with a view on the present and future. Furthermore, an optional comparison within the sector will help you to keep an eye on your competitors.

You will know where your company stands and how things look for your company.

Consequently the tax returns for the Tax Office, which are required by the legislator, can also be derived from the annual accounts. If necessary, the annual accounts can also serve as a basis for drawing up the documents for the publication and execution of disclosure at the Company Register Court. We will be pleased to assume the responsibility for you, draw up the required documents and keep all deadlines. For the penalties for failing to send and disclose documents on schedule are becoming more and more draconian.

Consulting without a relevant date – for your success!