Bookkeeping – compulsory or freestyle?

In most cases, bookkeeping will be regarded as being one of the unloved and annoying duties. “All that work because of value-added tax  – only for the Tax Office!”

However, bookkeeping can do much more than just determine the value-added tax !

If it is managed in real time, it will serve as an important controlling tool for your company. Then determining the value-added tax will, in fact, only be a by-product that may be necessary.

Real-time bookkeeping – this sounds to be time-consuming. However, this need not be the case!

Digitizing of your vouchers will open up new dimensions of bookkeeping. You send or bring us your piles of vouchers, we digitize your data, link them to your bank movements and immediately provide you with your current evaluations and data over the internet at the agreed moments. You will have access to your evaluations and vouchers worldwide – just forget about looking for them in folders!

“En passant”, we will, of course, also draw up the value-added tax advance return for you and take charge of reporting to the Tax Office. The payment transactions, dunning processes, etc., can be handled by us, at the same time – if you so wish. An all-inclusive carefree package!