Fiscal criminal law proceedings

The Tax Reform 2016 is supposed to mainly finance itself by asking the tax authorities to aggravate their battle against fraud. Due to this, the number of audits and consequently fiscal criminal law proceedings is going to increase massively. In future, tax evasion, negligent reduction of charges or infringements of the financial rules will be punished more rigorously. More and more businesspersons are getting into the sights of the tax authorities!

One minor inadvertence will be enough to lead to significant consequences in terms of fiscal criminal law.

If there ever is any need, we will discuss the state of affairs with you and check whether and to what extent your behaviour can lead to a fiscal criminal law proceeding. Under certain circumstances, it may be possible to obtain exemption from punishment by filing a self-accusation. In this respect, it won’t only be necessary to hand in such a self-accusation in a timely manner but also to meet numerous requirements. We will be pleased to discuss with you whether handing in a self-accusation will be useful and will, as the case may be, write the self-accusation for you!

In the event fiscal criminal law proceedings already are pending, we will, of course, be pleased to take over your representation. As a rule, fiscal criminal law proceedings will imply a lot of annoyance and stress for you as a businessperson. Long durations of the proceedings, unpleasant investigations made by the public authorities and the fear of the uncertain outcome will lead to high psychological burdens – let alone imminent fines and imprisonment.

In such hard times, our experts will be pleased to help and advise you with words and deeds in technical and emotional terms!

Getting out of the sights of the tax authorities together!

BMF Finanzstrafverfahren – link to information on fiscal criminal law proceedings that is provided by the Federal Ministry for Finance