Initial consulting – for free but not for nothing!

Quite often the worst mistakes at the start into self-employment will already be committed at or before the foundation – even long before the first customer has been won over!

In order to support you in establishing or newly establishing your company as well as possible, we will be pleased to invite you to initial consulting that is for free.

Initial consulting in our tax consulting office will basically be provided for free – however, it will, by no means, be for nothing!

In the course of initial consulting, we will discuss the most important questions about taxes, law and social insurance law, possible subsidies and, if desired, the calculation of your services or organizational issues with you.

At our conversation, we will pay particular attention to determining the legal form that is optimal for you. For it makes a big difference whether you act as a one-person business or within a Private Limited Company or non-incorporated firm.

We want to enable you to start into the future as well as possible and without surprises. Therefore, the tax consulting fees to be expected should not be any taboo either. Both the services to be provided and the price will exactly be defined and delimited together with you.

Below, please find some questions that may be of importance in the course of initial consulting:

  • What product and what service do you want to offer?
  • Do you have a business plan?
  • Are there subsidies or grants?
  • How high should your budget be for the first year?
  • Will you work with employees or alone?
  • Do you want to establish a business partnership or remain a sole trader?
  • Are there existing partnerships that you want to continue?
  • Do you have a house bank?
  • Do you have a lawyer or notary with whom you have already cooperated up to now?
  • When do you want to start your activities?
  • Is there already a tax number?
  • Have you already thought about the necessity to have a trading licence?
  • What would a supplier find out about you if the supplier made a bank inquiry about you?
  • Have you already thought about the legal social insurance?
  • What are the risks for the business envisaged by you?

Consulted well right from the start!