Representation at audits and common reviews of wage and salary charges

The number of audits/common reviews of wage and salary charges has strongly increased in the last few years. The auditors are under an enormous pressure to perform, feeling obliged to actually find inconsistencies in your bookkeeping and/or wage and salary documentation. Such audits and reviews can be very annoying and lead to high additional payments of taxes – yet this need not be the case!

Our services provided at an audit

  • Preparing for the audit: Before the start of the audit, we will discuss possible weak points of your accounting or pay slips with you in order to develop a counterstrategy together.
  • Handing in a self-accusation before the start of an audit: Are you uncertain as to whether you have correctly declared everything in your tax return or given all information on payroll accounting? Before the start of the audit, we can avoid consequences that are even worse. By handing in a self-accusation in a timely manner, you can escape a financial penalty. We will also be pleased to discuss this option with you.
  • Conduct of the audit at our premises: We will be pleased to make our premises available as a location for conducting the audit. Thanks to this, you won’t be directly confronted with the auditor’s questions yourself and can pursue your daily business unhindered.
  • Accompanying you during the site visit: At many audits, a visit will be paid to your company. We will be pleased to consult you in advance and accompany you during the site visit.
  • Do you have a complaint (formerly appeal) against the result of the audit or common review of wage and salary charges? The result can be contested by a complaint. We will be pleased to consult you by telling you whether we think that this step can lead to an improvement in your case and represent you during the complaints procedure.

Your advantages

Thanks to our commitment and technical knowledge, we can help you to keep the financial and emotional burdens inflicted by an audit/common review of wage and salary charges as low as possible!

Being consulted well and feeling secure!