Tax consulting

Tax consulting is much more than pure technical and expert knowledge. Besides the indispensable technical competence, consulting clients in a trusting atmosphere requires experience, creativeness and a high degree of social competence, intuitive feeling and empathy, which will make it possible to fully listen and respond to the clients’ personal interests and needs.

The composition of the team of Grazer Treuhand (Trust Company), the underlying knowledge and experience pool as well as the personal technical and social strengths of the team members guarantee support given to each client, which goes far beyond the classical service portfolio – and this is true for the retired person just as much as for employees, farmers and foresters or real estate investors, and this ranges from the micro-business to the incorporated firm that is obliged to undergo inspections!

None of the concerns and sorrows of yours will be too small for us, and no challenge will be too big for us! Your well-being – which does not only encompass fiscal issues – is in the centre of our interest!

Consulting requires understanding and comprehension!