One-stop shop for founders

The startup phase definitely is one of the most exciting but also strenuous times in a businessperson’s life.

Many things need to be taken into account and thought about! Here an application, there a message. What is a value-added tax number (VAT), and what do I need it for? How do I get a tax number or send a report to social insurance? Act on Subsidizing of Business Startups, can this Act bring in cash? Business plan, who has such a plan? Notarial act? What records need to be maintained? There also is the thing about the trading license – where can I get that? Proof of ability? Excerpt from the penal register? What about the car, mileage allowance … and the parliamentary allowances? Do I really have to go to the lawyer just as well? … and to the house bank?

All these things can certainly be done – yet the consequences of mistakes in handling, immediate and full maturity due to default in payment, delays or simply the wrong steps taken at the wrong time can sometimes be devastating and expensive. Here a penalty will be inflicted. There the subsidy won’t be granted. This and that would have had to be done before/after the notarial act and so on and so on.

You as a budding businessperson have enough sorrows and troubles as it is. Allow us to relieve you of some of those. Allow us to consult you in issues relating to fiscal law and social insurance law as well as in the choice of the legal form. Then we will coordinate all the required dates with notaries and lawyers – directly at our site! You need not rush from A to B and look for parking lots – we will file petitions, applications and requests for you. You can fully concentrate on your business idea and your future success.

This is how we understand a common and successful start into the future!